Probate, Trust and Adjudicated Sales Selling an Inherited Home? Here’s Your Complete Guide to Navigating the Probate Process Selling an Inherited Home? Here’s Your Complete Guide to Navigating the Probate Process Selling an inherited home can be emotional and overwhelming, especially when you have to navigate through the probate process. From legal complexities to emotional attachments, there are many factors to consider. But fear not! In this complete guide, we will walk you […]
Seniors Real Estate Retirement Bliss: Exploring the Top Senior-Friendly Destinations in the US Are you dreaming of a blissful retirement filled with exploration and relaxation? Look no further than the top senior-friendly destinations in the US. Whether you’re drawn to the sunny beaches of Florida, the vibrant city life of New York, or the breathtaking natural wonders of the Grand Canyon, there’s a perfect retirement destination waiting for […]
Uncategorized Reconsider That Fixer Upper: Financing option makes home improvement more attainable (Family Features) For younger homeowners and first-time homebuyers in particular, money is likely to be tight. When most available cash is directed to the best possible down payment to secure a home in a desired neighborhood, there’s often little left for improvements. According to a Profile of Buyers’ […]
Uncategorized Strong, Stylish Spring Home Upgrades 5 renovation projects where brick takes center stage (Family Features) Springtime is a perfect opportunity for homeowners to begin planning renovations to enhance the interior and exterior of their living space. Because of its strong performance capabilities, low maintenance and design flexibility, brick is a popular building material choice when looking to improve or refresh […]
Healthy Living 6 Ways to Build Lasting Healthy Habits (Family Features) Starting on a path toward healthy habits is often easier than maintaining them long term. This year, you can avoid a major pitfall of healthy resolutions and build healthy habits that stick by working small, positive steps into your daily life. In fact, healthy habits are the first suggested treatment strategy for people […]
Home Buying Three Tips for Buyers Adjusting to Today’s Rates It’s clear the 2022 housing market has been defined by rising mortgage rates. With rates on the rise, it’s also become more costly to purchase a home. According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR): “Compared to one year ago, the monthly mortgage payment rose to $1,944 from $1,265, an increase of 53.7%.” If you’re […]
Newsletter Living Well Newsletter – Sept 2022   Healthy Halloween Candy Alternatives Are you dreading that Halloween sugar rush and crash your children will have this year (and maybe you too)? You’re not alone! That’s why we’ve rounded up healthy Halloween candy alternatives conveniently available at your local health food store. Candy Corn What is Halloween without candy corn? Luckily, some grocery […]
Reverse Mortgage Dispelling Reverse Mortgage Myths Consumers are often confused about the concept of reverse mortgages and how they can benefit their financial well-being. Many misconceptions persist. Reverse mortgages are, in fact, an important financial tool that many retirees may find helpful as they map out their future. To help dispel the myths surrounding reverse mortgages, here are five common misconceptions: […]
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